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Collectors Armoury presents the most comprehensive range of imitation weaponry in Australia. We have been providing the collector and home enthusiast with and extensive range of Replica Pistols and Militaria for over 40 years from our Online Store and large showroom at the Gold Coast War Museum.

Safe non-firing Replica Pistols are offered to you the Collector at an affordable price to handle and display, safely, in your own home.

Great display pieces for Collectors, Stage and Movie Props, Costume Pieces and Historical Studies

History of the Handgun takes us from the crafted flintlock pistols of the early sixteenth century, to the streamlined military side-arms of the present day.

Antique Pistols

Pepperbox Pistol
Made in London in 1850. Calibre .476inch, 6 shot smooth bore, muzzle load, percussion cap firing, it was subject to multiple discharge.

Forsyth scent  bottle lock duelling pistols
It was a matter of honour and honour was a man’s most precious possession.

Civil War Pistols

Philadelphia Derringer .45 percussion pocket pistol
As used by John Wilkes Booth to shoot President Abraham Lincoln at Fords Theater on the 14th April 1865.

.36 Navy Model 1851 Engraved Presentation Colt

French Le Mat Revolver
‘Grapeshot’ percussion centre 20 gauge barrel with surrounding nine shot 15.5mm cylinder.
The weapon is of massive and solid construction and was used by the Confederate states army during the Civil War.


Colt Single Action Army Revolver 1873
Available in three barrel lengths 7.5inch 5.5inch and 4.75 inch, usually referred to as Cavalry – Artillery – Civilian.
Calibre .45inch or .44 inch is a very popular calibre as Winchester 1873 model rifle chambered the same cartridge.
‘Colt sixshooter’,  ‘Peacemaker’, ‘Frontier’ and ‘.45 Fast Draw’  were just a few of the names given to ‘The Gun that Won the West’.

Smith and Wesson Schofield M1873
Top break action, loading .45inch.
Jesse James is said to have used a Schofield.

Colt (Dragoon) Walker 1847 .44 ball
A massive six shot, weighing 4.5lb (2kg) designed to be carried in a saddle holster.

 Colt Dragoon 3rd model 1848 .44
Cavalry issued 4lb 4 ounces (1.9kg)

 Colt Baby Dragoon 1847  .31

12G Double – Barrelled Coach Gun
Wells Fargo Stage Coach guards carried 12g double-barrelled shotguns as did other coach lines.
A favourite with lawmen in the Wild West, Doc Holliday carried a cut down double under his coat when he expected trouble such as the gun fight at the OK Corral in Tombstone.

Colt Model 1855 five shot percussion revolving musket .56”
The most successful muzzle loading repeaters were the revolvers.

Henry  lever action rifle USA 1860
Calibre 44 inch rimfire. Predecessor of Winchester rifles.

Winchester 1873 ‘Yellow Boy’
Calibre 44-40 centre fire. Frame of rifle is brass, giving the appearance of yellow gold.

Winchester lever action 1866 ‘Presentation Engraved’
In gold or silver finish.

John Wayne Winchester Model 94 Commemorative
The lever action on the John Wayne has a large loop for quick action firing as used in one of his ‘Wild West’ movies.
Numerous collectors of ‘Old West’ firearms combine rifles and pistol in their displays

Muzzle Loaders

British ‘Brown Bess’
Muzzle loading flintlock musket, infantry arm 1720 – 1840

British 1853 Three Band Enfield Musket
Calibre .577inch percussion cap and ball.

French Model 1777 Flintlock Musket
17.5mm calibre 

Two Band Percussion Carbine
.58 inch calibre 1853 Enfield Pattern


British .303 SMLE Rifle
The short magazine Lee Enfield was one of the best service rifles of WW1. Able to fire at the rate of 15 shots a minute with the easy to operate bolt action.
Production in Lithgow of the .303 did not end until 1955.

US MI Carbine .30 Cal
Produced by over ten companies, more than six million were manufactured.
Front line troops found the M1 Carbine easy to use, being lighter than a rifle.

US MI .30 cal Rifle (Garand)
The M1 Garand rifle was the first semi auto rifle issued as a standard military weapon.

Mauser K98 7.92 Rifle
Germany’s main infantry rifle during WW2. Bolt action five-shot clip fed magazine.

Military Police

Colt Python .357 Magnum
This revolver is available in barrel lengths 2.5”  4” 6” 8” . The python is said to be one of the worlds finest production revolvers.

Desert Eagle
An advanced powerful weapon. Calibre .357 inch or .44inch magnum.

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