Military and Police Western and Civil War Replica Rifles Antique Pistols

Beretta M92 Auto.. $297 low price now $249
Metal Replica Full Size and weight
magazine removes, top slide action.

Metal Replicas Full Size and Weight
Magazine Removes, Top Slide Action
No Permit Required.
Replica pistols can be sent to an address in
Queensland - Western Australia

Also available Holsters, badges and misc items below.

Chrome Colt .45 Auto...$350 low price now

Colt 1911A1 .45 Govt Auto...$297 low price now $239

Chrome Beretta M92...$347 low price now $249

Browning Hi-Power 9mm...$297 low price now $249

Walther PPK...$275 low price now $239

Chrome Walther PPK...$295 low price now $239

Luger P08...$297 low price now $249

Walther P.38...$297 low price now $239

Colt Python .357 4"...$297 low price now $259

Colt Python .357 2"...$297 low price now $259

Desert Eagle...$395 low price now $297

Desert Eagle in Chrome...$395 low price now $297

Webley MkIV...$275 low price now $239

Luger Artillery...$287 low price now $259

Russian Makarov...$297 out of stock $239

Mauser...$297 low price now $239

Delux Auto Shoulder Holster...$79

Auto Deluxe Belt Holster...$49
To suit: Beretta, Colt .45 Auto and Browning

Revolver Deluxe Belt Holster...$49
Belt Holster sizes

Auto Shoulder Holster...$29.50

Security Guard Badge...$19.95

Security Guard Patch...$7.95

50 cal key ring..$23

50 cal Dummy Round

Set of 6 shells

Shell sets available

Key rings ...$9.95 each
.45 Colt Auto
.40 cal Glock

Key rings...$9.95 each
.45 Colt Auto
.40 Cal Glock

Key rings...$9.95
.303 British
8mm Mauser

US 30.06

Key rings..$9.95 each
7.62 M60
7.62 AK47
key ring range

History of the Handgun takes us from the crafted flintlock pistols of the early sixteenth century
to the streamlined military side-arms of the present day.
Very few people have the chance to collect and study original pistols
due to laws governing their ownership and the prohibitive cost of purchase.
Safe non-firing Replica Pistols are offered by the Collectors Armoury at an affordable price,
for the collector to handle and study, safely, in their own home.
Our Mail Order Department has been sending Replica Pistols and Militaria
to customers for over 40 years.

Call in and see us at the Collectors Armoury Showroom at the Gold Coast War Museum
We are Open 7 days a week from Mon - Sat 9am - 4pm, Sun 11.30 - 2.30
Ph: (07)55305222.

Delivery time approx 1 week within Australia.All items sent Receipted Mail by Australia Post.

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